Past Concerts – 2011 & Earlier – Lethbridge Folk Club

Updated September 2, 2011

Spring 2011 Concert Schedule

Saturday, January 22, 2011

 John Wort Hannam

Opener – Daliance Elixir

Saturday, February 19, 2011

 Tim Hus

Opener – Dusty Dee

Saturday, March 19, 2011

 Maria Dunn

Opener – Maureen Chambers

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Opener – Stephan Rondeau

Saturday, May 7, 2011

 Lynn Miles

Opener – Common Ground

Saturday, May 28, 2011

 Ben Sures

Opener – Leon Barr

Fall 2010 Concert Schedule

Members and Invited Guests only.

(Memberships available at the door.)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Leeroy Stagger

Karen Romanchuck Opening

Saturday, October 9, 2010

 Ray Bonneville

Little Birdie Opening (Check out this future headliner!)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

 Heather Blush & The Upper Cuts

Jerry & Dave (Jerry Arnold & David Orser – 50’s & 60’s Rock & Roll!!)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Linda McRae & Ken Hamm

Murray Nelson with Bruce Roome opening


   Spring 2010 Season

High Water Jug Band

Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010

Lester Quitzau

Saturday, Feb. 6

Katherine Wheatley & Wendell Ferguson

Saturday, Mar. 6


Wednesday, March 17 (St. Paddy’s Day)

J.P. Cormier

Sunday, March 21

Tir Na N’og

Saturday, April 10

Phyllis Sinclair

Saturday, May 8

Alien Rebels

Saturday, May 29

Fall 2009 Season

Kris Demeanor

Dusty Dee Opening

Saturday, Sept. 19

Robin & Linda Williams

Opener:  Common Ground

Saturday, October 31

Tanglefoot – Farewell Tour!

Friday, November 27

Spring 2009 Season


Charlie Ewing Opening

Friday, January 30

CeltiCanada with Andy Donnelly

Saturday, March 7

Ben Sures

Stephen Rondeau Opening

Saturday, April 4


 Karen Romanchuk Opening

Saturday, May 2

Tim Williams

Saturday, May 23

Fall 2008 Season


Opening:  Tom Dooley

Saturday, September 20

The Plaid Tongued Devils

Opening:  Dale Ketchison

Saturday, October 18

T. Nile

Opening:  Common Ground

Saturday, November 8

Leeroy Stagger

Saturday, December 6

Spring 2008 Season

Jan Randall

Opening:  Andrew Scott

Saturday, January 10

Darren Johnson

Opening:  Darryl Duus

Saturday, January 5


Friday, January 25

Little Miss Higgins

Saturday, February 16

Bob Snider & Bob Wiseman

Saturday, March 15

Rob Szabo

Saturday, April 12


Tim Williams

Saturday, May 24th

2006-2007 Season

o               Saturday, May 26, 2007:  Cara Luft  What a way to end the season – a dynamic, soulful, accomplished singer songwriter!
Opening:  Larry Steinbrenner

o               Saturday May 5, 2007:   John Wort Hannam  Southern Alberta’s favorite bluecollar roots musician!
Opening Act  “Ruah Folk Fusion Band” some good fiddle and guitar music.


o               Saturday, April 21, 2007:  Linda McRae  Good old Country-Folk at its best.
Opening Act – Dusty Dee Litchfield


o               Saturday, Feb. 10, 2007:  Iain Campbell Smith in concert with Michael Murchison.  Iain was born and raised in Australia, came of age in Bougainville, is now living in Washington, D.C. (as if this describes the artist, you say and yet it does as he moves from the comic dirges he sang in the 90s to the folk commentary of his latest album).


o               Thursday, Jan 25, 2007:  a special Robbie Burns Concert with Glencoulee 
(presented by Glencoulee in association with the Lethbridge Folk Club)


o               Saturday, January 6, 2007:  Highwater Jug Band  Dan Tapanila, Suitcase James, Mark Sadlier Brown, Tim Williams, John Rutherford and Cedric Blary join forces (on our stage at the same time!  can you believe it? – if you’re looking for the perfect musical Christmas present, you’ve found it!)

o               Saturday, December 9, 2006:  Current Swell  a five-piece band from Vancouver Island with an upbeat acoustic blend of blues, folk, and reggae
Opening:  Doran Hoge


o               Saturday, Nov. 25, 2006:  Ian Tamblyn singer, songwriter, playwright and producer bringing his adventurous spirit to life in his music
Opening:  Maureen Chambers and Richard Feller


o               Friday, Nov. 3, 2006:  Wheat in the Barley  With music from Spain to the Middle East to South America, with some Celtic and Slavic influences thrown in for good measure, this multi-instrumental band has wowed everyone who has heard them.
Opening:  Bill LeTouzel


o               Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006:  Paul O’Brien


o               Saturday, Sept 9, 2006 the Fates

Opening:  Amy Bronson


2005-2006 Season

o   Saturday, May 27, 2006 The Ecclestons
Opening:  Andrew Scott and a Turncoat


o   Saturday, May 13, 2006:  Charlie Ewing with the Dirty Hat Band
Opening:  Hues of Bluegrass (Scott and Shelly Hughes of Claresholm)


o   Saturday, April 22, 2006 Leslie Alexander original country folk with her band the Wild Rose Hippies
Opening:  Common Ground (Bluegrass, Folk and acoustic music)

o   Saturday, Apr. 1, 2006 Tanglefoot 
Opening:  Lonni Ewing

o   Saturday, March 11, 2006 Ronny Hayward
Opening:  Stan Ashby Jr. & Ryan Radley

o   Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006 Kat Danser
Opening:  King Cole

o                   Saturday, January 14, 2006:  Tariq
Opening:  Wyndom Thiessen

o                   Saturday, Dec. 10, 2005 Glencoulee
Opening:  Reel Change

o                   Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005 Dave Gunning
Opening:  Shango (Karen Romanchuk)

o                   Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005 Maria Dunn
Opening:  Maureen Chambers

o                   Saturday, Oct. 1, 2005 Nathan Rogers
Opening:  Back Porch Swing

o                   Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005 the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Opening:  Les Sangreales

2004-2005 Season

o        May 28, 2005:  Tim Williams
Opening:  Andrew Scott

o        May 14, 2005:  No Guff
Opening:  Peter Gilligan

o        April 15, 2005:  Dave Clarke and Penny Lang
Opening:  Maureen Chambers

o        March 26, 2005:  Dirty Hat Band
Opening:  Jack Davies

o        March 12, 2005:  John Wort Hannam and the Sound Merchants
Opening:  Jonathan Davies

o        February 19, 2005:  The Laws
Opening:  Bryan Bradfield

o        January 22, 2005:  Leslie Alexander
Opening:  Shaela Miller

o        Saturday, November 27, 2004:  Tim Hus
Opening:  Michael Murchison

o        Saturday, November 6, 2004 Raghu Lokanathan
Opening:  Kory Istace

o        Sunday, October 17, 2004:  Garnet Rogers
Opening:  Herky Cutler

o        Saturday, October 2, 2004 Ronnie Hayward Trio
Opening:  Amy Bronson


2003-2004 Season

o        Saturday, June 12, 2004:  Tim Williams
Opening Act:  Jack Davies

o        Saturday, May 14, 2004:  Nathan Tinkham and Keith Picot
Opening Act:  Tod Robinson and the John Glue Trio

o        Saturday, April 24, 2004:  Steve Dawson & Geoff Berner & Don Rooke
Opening Act:  The Stoneberries (Larry Steinbrenner)

o        Saturday, April 3, 2004:  Gary Fjellgaard with special guests Saskia & Darrel
Opening Act:  Peter Grant with Steve Keenan

o        Wednesday, March 17, 2004:  Lenny Gallant
Opening Act:  George Case

o        Saturday, March 6, 2004:  Annie Gallup
Opening Act: 

o        Saturday, February 14, 2004:  John Wort Hannam and the Sound Merchants
Opening Act:  Andrew Scott

o        Saturday, January 24, 2004:  Steve Pineo  with Tim Leacock, both of The Co-dependents
Opening Act:  Jack Davies

o        Saturday, December 6, 2003:  Wendy DeMos
Opening Act:  John Greenshields

o        Friday, November 14, 2003:  Tanglefoot
Opening Act:  Herky Cutler

o        November 1, 2003 The Wyrd Systers
Opening Act:  Bridgette Yarwood


o       October 11, 2003 The Laws
Opening Act:  Stan Ashbee Duo

o       September 13, 2003 The Tragically Hick
Tragically Hick is a Calgary based, four piece acoustic group that plays country, bluegrass, swing, and early rock & roll in a bluegrass style featuring tight vocal harmonies and great instrumentals.  Among their many strengths are their tight vocal harmonies and ability of any of the members to take instrumental breaks in a variety of musical styles.  The band features, Bill Figeczki on electric bass, Lorne Foster on mandolin, Jack Loree on dobro, and Gord Armstrong on guitar.  The band has played from Saltspring Island on the West coast, to Fort Macleod’s South Country Fair, and many places around and in between

Opening Act:  Chris Friesen



2002-2003 Season


o       Saturday, May 24, 2003, Tim Williams
Opening act:  Darryl Düüs

o       Saturday, April 26, 2003, the Ecclestons
Opening act:  Randy Friesen

o       March 22, 2003 Seanachie
Opening act:  Stan Ashbee

o       Saturday, February 15, 2003,  The Dirty Hat Band
Opening act: Toupey Luft

o       Saturday, January 25, 2003:  A very special Robbie Burns Day concert
featuring Glencoulee, a Southern Alberta trio performing rousing, rollicking tunes and lovely ballads from Ireland, Scotland and Canada’s Atlantic provinces; Erin Farrow, a young fiddler from Smithers, BC
and Gerald Morton reading from Burns.

o       Saturday, January 18, 2003, No Guff  (Dan Tapanila and John Rutherford)
Opening Act:  Jack Davies

o       Saturday, November 30,2002, Lynn Miles
Opening Act:  Murray Nelson

o       Saturday, November 22002, Washboard Hank
Opening Act:  Maureen Chambers

o       Saturday, October 5, 2002, Annie Gallup
Opening Act:  Larry Steinbrenner

o       Saturday, September 14, 2002, Kris Demeanor
Opening Act:  Matt Allen


2001 -2002 Season


  • Saturday, March 16, The Alien Rebels
    A rockabilly band to get your toes tapping and keep your energy up, The Alien Rebels play well, sing well and are good fun!
    Opening Act: Gord Parrott



  • Saturday, February 16, Ronnie Hayward
    Playing a combination of rock, rythm & blues, country and hillbilly, Ronnie Hayward has wowed audiences in Europe, the United States and Canada.
    Opening Act: John Wort-Hannam



  • Saturday, January 19, 2002, Jim Brannigan
    Celtic Folk Entertainment at it’s very best! An Irish folksinger from Cape Breton Island, Jim combines ballads, jokes, sea shanties and much more in a very engaging concert.
    Opening Act: Maureen Chambers



  • Saturday, December 8, Robert Burton Hubele
    One review to titillate you: “Hubele’s music is – in a word – jazzyrhymeyfolkycountryprairieblues A best kept Canadian secret – he takes you on a musical journey of boundless possibilities.” Real Roots Café Radio, Holland
    Opening Act: Boyer & Innes
  • Saturday, September 22, Lewis and Royal
    opening act: The International Wailing Commission




o        Saturday, November 17, Scona Brae
Opening Act: George Case

2000 – 2001 Season

o   Saturday, July 7, Ron Campbell (The Skinny Old White Man) – Delta Blues
Ron Campbell put on a great performance at the Lethbridge Folk Club on July 7, 2001
This man can put out the delta blues sound! Ron put on a great, smooth, show; the first half sitting down as one might expect of an old blues player hammering out the melodies on a shiny resonator guitar with Southern Delta temperatures in Lethbridge. The second set was done standing up as Ron switched between playing 12 string and resonator guitar. The show was an excellent mix of traditional songs, and originals done in the Delta style. This is a show blues fans should not miss.




  • Friday, April 20, Annie Gallup
    Opening Act: John Greenshields
  • Saturday, March 17, Sheep River Rounders
    opening act: Dirty Hat Band
  • Saturday, March 3, Aengus Finnan
  • Friday, February 23, Pied Pumkin
    opening act: Tammy Clowers
  • Saturday, February 10, Jim Henry
    Review by Sarah Scout
  • Saturday, January 20, Ronnie Hayward Trio
  • Saturday November 25 Crooked Creek, opening act Curtis Wiebe
    this was a great act! Crooked Creek was one of the more entertaining bands we have had in a while
    — stage presence and versatility.  As Sjoerd says, “from shades of the ‘Grateful Dead’ to prairie reggae”
    Curtis Wiebe was a delight.  If you can catch him at an open stage, do!
  • Saturday November 11, Maria Dunn with Shannon Johnson
  • Thursday October 26, Rebecca Campbell (formerly of Fat Man Waving) and Justin Hayes
  • Saturday October 21, Mad Pudding 
    Opening Act: Lethbridge’s own Toni Vere
  • Friday September 15, from Scotland – Ceilidh Ménage
    opening for Ceilidh Ménage: The Maureen Chambers Band


1999 – 2000 Season


1998 – 1999 Season

  • Saturday, September 12 – Back Alley John
    With Special Guests John Wort & Jamie Haney
  • Friday, October 2 – Garnet Rogers  Opening act – Larry Steinbrenner
  • Saturday, November 28 – Stephen Fearing-Opening act Tamara Leigh
  • Saturday, January 9 – Scatter the Mud  Opening act – Brian Hepburn
  • Friday, February 5 – Mad Pudding  Opening act – King Cole
  • Saturday, March 20 – Mr. Mole  Opening act – Matt Allen and “THE”
  • Friday, April 9 – Tanglefoot  Opening act – Maureen Chambers
  • Saturday, May 8 – Jennifer Gibson – Opening act – Tim Scott